A successful product starts with a successful launch

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We have launched a number of products for brands such as Mercedes Benz, Medtronic, Oracle and EDF Energy. There are several ways to launch a product, and it’s important to know not just what to do, but how to do it. 


Coverage is a key point if the product launch is to be even remotely successful. Getting people talking about your product is what’ll help a successful product launch. What helps a product just as much as a stack of money is people talking about it. If you have an audience behind your product, you have someone to sell to.

Take Apple as an example. They have a target audience and they know what their audience like. Before their product launches, they already have people talking. Granted, Apple have millions of dollars behind their marketing, but people still talk.

Apple have developed a reputation. Their core audience understands this and are generally loyal to the brand, no matter the product. These people will talk about the products and heads will turn.


Talking about a product and its benefits are great. Talking about a product and how it fits into the audience’s life is even better. Allow the audience to picture themselves with the product in their life and how they can relate to it. Talking about its features or technical specifications won’t necessarily interest the audience. What they care about is knowing how the product will suit them and their lives.

For example, don’t just talk how effective your cheese grater is at grating cheese. Talk about how much cheese the audience can grate in a short space of time. Talk about how many sandwiches they can make and how many parties can be catered!

Keep it a secret for as long as you can

It may sound obvious, but there’s little value in unveiling your product before its launch date – otherwise you’ll have no product to launch! If your product has a prototype, chances are it could get leaked. There have been a number of instances where a prototype has been leaked before a product’s launch.

apple iphone

Source: Gizmodo

Take the infamous iPhone 4 leak saga. In 2010, gadget blog Gizmodo managed to get their hands on a prototype version of the iPhone 4, causing quite the uproar between the site and Apple. The secret was leaked, and Gizmodo got one of the tech world’s biggest stories of the year.

While the iPhone 4 made 1.7 million sales in the first three days, the suspense was lifted because of the leak.


These are just a tiny handful of points that need to be considered when looking at a product launch. The Outlook Creative Group are in the business of live events, animation, video and marketing products to name a few.

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