Art in advertising

Posted on Wednesday, February 19th, 2014 by
When was the last time a piece of advertising really worked on you? Not just simply providing you with greater brand awareness by showing a logo and strapline at the end of an uninspiring message, but the last time you had a real emotional response to the product purely because of the content?

In a world where advertising seems to only cheapen art, a truly inspiring piece of work tends to be rare. TV commercials are mostly promises to improve your life through the purchase of ambiguous beauty products or fronted by a mascot that’s furry and funny (normally with varying degrees of ‘funny’) – the social media buzz of which you’ll be suffering for the foreseeable future! I have a constant frustration with this medium that too often dumbs-down to hammer home its message, rather than having the confidence to get audiences on board with interesting content.

If you’re searching for ‘truly interesting content’, the new advert for The Sunday Times CULTURE magazine ticks that box.

From the opening frame there’s no spoon-feeding. You find yourself intrigued, immediately set to work questioning and deciphering the pop culture references worked together in an ever-evolving tableau. As you recognise each reference, you’ll be rewarded with a spark; memories of experiencing those scenes for the first time, in the cinema or on TV, alone or with friends. 

As I realised what I was watching, I smiled with a warm nostalgia I’d forgotten I had for the work that inspired this treatment, not to mention the appreciation of what had been achieved technically.

It was Voltaire who said, ‘Originality is nothing but judicious imitation.’ Never was this statement more beautifully realised than in this piece of work!

Enjoy the advert that proves art and advertising can collide successfully without compromise below: