How to avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’

We have all witnessed ‘death by PowerPoint’. It’s normally endured in a business context or, even worse, at a social occasion like a wedding speech, when the best man has clearly gone to town on a PowerPoint presentation that is 100 slides worth of pure cringe.

So why has PowerPoint become such a dirty word that is met with a low-level hatred? PowerPoint tempts us with snazzy backgrounds, a plethora of fancy fonts and loads of animation and transitions to play with, but it’s not mandatory to use these.

You hold the key to creating an engaging and compelling presentation!

Confidence is critical

A confident presenter will often only use minimal presentation support. Your slides should complement what you are saying. 

Audiences love to hear stories being told by another person. With presentations, we are looking to enhance and support our core messages. However, this is often confused with putting your entire script on the screen. That’s lazy and screams a lack of confidence or understanding in what you really need to present.

Public speaking is in the top 10 of things people hate to do. Overcome this by simply focusing on the five key messages you want to communicate. Practise them, learn them off by heart and have confidence and belief in what you are saying. If you’re not confident, then your audience will feel your negative, sweaty aura! 

Utilise the abundance of great presentation techniques available on the web. TED talks are a great way of learning how the very best presenters engage and communicate on all levels across all sorts of subjects.

Once you are clear on what you want to say, consider how best to support this on screen.

Map out your presentation

Keep your slides clean and relevant

Smile and your audience will smile with you

How Outlook can help

We have been enhancing presentations for many years for a range of blue-chip companies and SMEs across all industry sectors.

We treat each brief as unique. From our creative in-house capabilities, you’ll have access to a full range of dynamic interactive digital tools including animation, video and top-quality presentation design, including the use of bespoke infographics.

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