Best Western Event 2013

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Interchange & Consort Hotels hold an annual conference which combines opening night, plenary sessions to communicate both the business plan and significant initiatives and strategies throughout the coming year, key note speakers and a gala dinner with entertainment and awards. It is a great opportunity for members to get together to network and discuss industry issues and developments affecting their business and to learn more about how they can maximise their membership of Best Western. With a long standing client-agency relationship, Outlook were considerably involved in the successfull delivery of this event.
Outlook worked closely with Best Western to provide full event production and management from brief to finish; including initial site visits with the client, providing creative set designs and full technical production and sourcing appropriate entertainment and theming for the Gala Dinner Phantom of the Opera theme. Outlook provided bespoke 3D awards stings and worked within tight deadlines to produce an onsite opening and closing video for the final day.
Working with a tight budget and time frame Outlook created a futuristic looking set and environment using sound and lighting creatively to turn the room from daytime show to Phantom evening dinner.
Outlook once again worked solidly to ensure the event was resounding success. Outlook’s meticulous venue pre-inspection, sourcing and management of all entertainment, flair for design and technical accuracy ensured the event ran seamlessly. Feedback indicated high levels of satisfaction; another successful event for the Best Western – Outlook partnership.
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