Brazilians win in Spain with English team

Posted on Wednesday, February 19th, 2014 by

Our brief:

‘It’s a non-English-speaking awards dinner for 600. Its eight weeks away. We don’t have a venue secured, but if we did it would be in Madrid. Oh and by the way, we need your initial budget and creative in two days’ time… and the client is in Brazil!’

And this is what we delivered:

What a great industry. There’s nothing that focuses the mind of a conference professional like a challenging brief!

We have worked with TLC, an agency based in Portugal and Brazil, for a number of years now. Their call to arms was for a team from the Outlook Creative Group to integrate with TLC to develop a joint proposition for the client Ipiranga – Outlook to theme, dress, crew and provide technical; TLC to manage delegates, catering and logistics.

To be fair, a possible venue had been identified (and the pitch-winning creative approach was based on that). However, in spite of the measuring, wishing and twisting and turning the layout in Visio, we couldn’t fit a quart into a pint pot (lovely as it was). This was an awards ceremony requiring all 600 to receive on-stage recognition.

But by that stage the beautiful Cibeles Palace had got its hooks into all of us – client included. Ipiranga surprised us with their response: let’s use the Cibeles for dinner and the tiered theatre of Congresos for the awards! So two crews, two venues and two sets of technical then – why not?!

Both events ran flawlessly, to time, and looked fabulous (judge for yourself) with some of the kit transferred between venues to keep the cost down. We look forward to welcoming Ipiranga back to Europe in 2015.