Bring me sunshine

Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2014 by

After last weeks somewhat joyless weather, we wake up today to clear blue skies, this got the events team reminiscing about warmer climates and jobs that we have done in the sun; Openwork in Oman, Ipiranga which took place in the shopping street Plaza De Cibeles in Madrid and the MARQUES Annual Conference in Monaco in September.

While at the Monaco event we basked in glorious weather all week, It was even warm enough to get some funky evening timelapses and some great night time footage of the delegates letting their hair down.

Watch this video to see the week unfold and remind yourself of what the summer looks like…

With 12 months of pre planning Myself, Rich and Sarah couldn’t wait to spend a week in one of the most famous sunny places in the world, Monaco. Comprising of a 4 day conference intertwined with 3 evening events in different locations the main event took place at the Fairmont on the famous F1 hairpin bend, right on the sea meaning in between rigging, rehearsals, and conference sessions we got to soak up some sun and watch the posh cars parading round the bend.

Overcoming the challenges of the heat, working within the venue restrictions and long hours the event ran flawlessly leaving us on a high with a slight tan to boot!

Roll on summer and MARQUES Copenhagen 2014!