Bringing a Smile to the Autoglass brand online

Posted on Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 by

autoglassWe had a great opportunity to work with the PR team at Autoglass to help bring their online Winter Safety campaign to life! The original brief was to utilise Bristol based technician, John Porter, to deliver some key tips to help drivers prepare for the winter, with the plan to achieve distribution of the video through the social media channels. However, we jumped at the chance to write some additional parts for hapless couple, Carol and Dave, to add some alternative light hearted examples of how NOT to prepare. “We had a lot of fun shooting this!” says Gary, Director of the video and Head of Video at Outlook. “It was great to write some genuinely silly material, rather than trying to be too clever or sophisticated with what we were trying to achieve with the script.” Getting the online community to be your distribution channel means that there has to be something in the content to motivate viewers to share them with others, and comedy is one of the best! “We really wanted to add some fun into the online Autoglass brand as they have such a huge social presence, which is toned down on their TV approach. John has worked on a couple of the TV commercials so was essentially there to be the straight guy – but he enjoyed being able to come out of character for a few sequences.”

Outlook’s Production manager Kay enjoyed the project too, “I monitored the costs,  the staffing of the production, and kept the value of the project within the expectations of the client. But I was also key in asuring the piece passed the laughter test during scripting! I tend to get the giggles…..lots!”. Outlook have worked with Autoglass to deliver all their TV commericals and we’re now trusted for achieving alot under constraignts. “The filming was conducted within one day, albeit a long one, which was really tight but achievable….when you have the right team behind it!”

Outlook scripted and produced the project which was all shot on locations in Milton Keynes, then back to base for Post Production.

This consumer facing version, was also recut and reversioned to support Autoglass’s service to their Fleet business.