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Posted on Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 by

Working in a communications agency I would hate to think how many times the words “Engagement” and “Legacy” get used every week; on the odd occasion a day goes by and we don’t hear them, we certainly read them in industry press.

With “art” being amongst the strongest legacy medium of all time, think cave wall art; Outlook, working with a key client decided art would play a key part in an exciting project.

I’ve seen the final art installation in situation in the clients European head office and it looks fantastic. During the two days I spent with the client last month, on no less than ten occasions I witnessed people stopping to look at it, find themselves, colleagues or associates, not to mention visitors stopping to take a pictures.

I asked Iain, our Head of Events to tell more about it; the below is what he had to say:

The brief was simple – create an on-stand ‘engagement feature’ for a trade show; something which would capture delegate interest, but would also encourage people to revisit the booth several times during the show.  This wasn’t about ‘give aways’ or free coffee; it was about creating something interactive, a living artwork which captured the imagination of an international audience.

Oh, and although it had to be participative, it shouldn’t be too complex or time consuming.

Enter stage right…H-Art (can you guess what industry our client works in?)

A 3D piece of structural art, 4m x 3m and constructed out of 1800 individually cut white ‘cells’. Day One, it’s a solid white structure.  Then we started taking photographs. Capturing an informal portrait of every visitor to the booth, shot against white, took seconds. Images were then art-worked by a backstage team of designers and printed onto bespoke self-adhesive photo paper.

Once completed, individual ‘visitor images’ populated the cells on the structure.  Over the three days of the show, as we brought the artwork to life, supporting ‘shaped pieces’ of printed Perspex overlaid the images to create colour, texture and ‘shape’.

People came back to the artwork throughout the show, both to ‘find them’ and watch it.

It’s a simple concept, and one we’ve been asked to develop and personalise for clients – sometimes smaller, sometimes designed to represent a different shape, sometimes an integral part of a Head Office lobby. This is art populated by real people; every variant is different, every installation unique…

Such was the success of the H-Art installations, the following year we were asked to come up with something ‘equally participative…but different’.  Cue Heart Beat, where we produced a music video live on the booth, a two ‘zone’ experience with a musician writing/producing an original music track alongside a video edit and 3D animator. Alongside everyone ‘giving a heartbeat’, the opportunity to remix & download your own personal version of the track and a multi-screen display highlighting the edit and composition process….but that’s another story!