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Web Design: Fundamentals of a Website

There are several elements that make a website successful. Whether that’s consistency in theme, font, colour or tone of voice. The Outlook Creative Group has highlighted some of the fundamentals of a website and what makes one successful.

Colour Scheme

colour chart

If you’re at a digital design agency, you know colour scheme is an imperative part of web design. Use the wrong colours, and your chance at making a good first impression is over.

Complementary colours are a great way of planning which colours to use on your next site. The colour wheel (shown here) is a useful reference point for deciding colours.



Avoid using an extremely light or vibrant background. Whilst you’ll be able to use darker text to contrast the two, the lighter background will do your website no good. Use vibrant colours as highlights, buttons, or other elements on the page.

valley isle image

Choice of Font

Font is incredibly important on a website. There are several factors to consider – can the user read the font without having to squint? Is the font large enough? Making sure the font is appropriate to your branding and style is key. This means not using Comic Sans on a website for a legal practice!

type image

An alternative to Comic Sans would be Helvetica, for example. Comic Sans gives the vibe that you don’t want to be taken seriously and that in fact, you’re not taking your business seriously either.

Try choosing typefaces that reflect your business and its tone of voice. Similarly, choose a typeface with a personality that suits your business.

Video & Images

Media-rich websites can load slowly if the files aren’t dealt with in the correct manner. Making sure the videos and images are optimised (file size, file type, quality) for the web is important. Take these websites, for examples. They wonderfully employ video to deliver a visually rich experience for the user.

Here’s some examples of using video effectively in a website without compromising page load speed and the UI.

Facebook Paper – Wonderfully designed, seamless transitions from one slide to the other without any noticeable slowdown.

introducing paper image

The site reflects what Facebook are trying to market, focusing on the smoothness and natural motion of the ‘Paper’ app.

paper 2

Uncharted Waters – an interactive documentary experience chronicling the journey of athletes as they try and find a spot on the 2016 US Olympic and Paralympic sailing teams. The immersive nature of this website is its selling point.

uncharted waters

Once the user hits the ‘play’ button on the homepage, it plays the trailer for the interactive documentary, enticing the user to continue through the website and discover more about this journey.

uncharted image

Button placement is consistent throughout (except when a video is playing); either along the bottom on the homepage or along the top once the user begins to navigate the site. The media on these two sites are examples of how they can be used to communicate a message without using convoluted chunks of text.

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