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What makes aAfrican-Sunset-9nything amazing? Is it watching the sun setting over an African landscape? Is it the silky touch of a new-born baby’s skin? Is it the sound of music spilling into every orifice of a stadium filled with people? What makes anything amazing is all very subjective, but one thing that all of the above has in common is that they all tap into our senses.

So let’s ask ourselves, ‘What makes an ‘amazing’ opener? and how do you ensure that you get the best experience created for your audience?

The importance of a sensory experience

Start by thinking ‘Why?”

First and foremost it’s important to get to the heart of why the event is being produced, however big or small. Is it launching a new product? Is it giving professional the opportunity to network? Is it showcasing some crazy new designs for London Fashion week? By writing down what the overall point of the event is and considering the key things we want our audience to take away from the event, you’re on your way to developing a memorable opening video.

Who are the audience (and what have they been up to the night before?)?

With any type of storytelling it’s always useful to ask ‘What do we want our audience to feel? Are we looking for a WOW response, do we want them to feel intrigued, make them laugh, or congratulate them? Getting into their psyche and connecting with them emotionally will always be the best form of communication, whatever the message may be. Think about the kinds of people who are likely to be at the event? It could be that there will be a wide variety of people attending, so try and get to the nitty-gritty on what makes the audience tick.

We like to consider what your audience will have been doing 10 minutes, 1 hour, or 24 hours before the event is due to start, because this gives a good idea of how the audience may be feeling before they enter the room. The moment the opener video plays is the moment we seek to grab our audience’s attention away from what they’ve just been doing, and set the foundation for how they’ll respond to the rest of the event.


Think about sound AND imagery in the live environment –these key senses combined can have a massive impact on the way an audience experiences and reacts to a video.

Even before the video starts, think about the moments just before; the choice of music will invoke emotions, even as the audience are walking into the room – it’s all about setting the scene; creating the right atmosphere. Everything depends on how we want our audience to feel, so it may be that complete silence or a subtle music bed is more effective than bellowing, energetic music.

Creating ‘The Flow’ – and going with it

20140424_095839_HDRThe sensory experience is such a vital tool in engaging with consumers because it taps into mind-sets on a subconscious level. It’s an in-direct tool that allows our audience to go with the flow.

The Outlook team love to find solutions and generate the WOW factor through our event experiences. There are so many creative ways to achieve success at an event and it all begins with an impactful, engaging opening video.

So, ‘What makes a successful event opener?’ It’s essentially an experience that’s been designed by considering HOW the audience will experience the opener and then WHY they will react to that experience positively. By letting go of US and thinking about THEM (the audience) you can be the listener, be the psychologist, be the journalist and you’ll no doubt have an impressive opener video that starts the event with a WOW!


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