The three commandments of exhibition stand design

Posted on Tuesday, April 12th, 2016 by

So you have an exhibition coming up but you are not sure where to start with your exhibition stand design? Take a look at our Three Commandments of Exhibition Stand Design:

1) Message

Before you even think about the design and factors such as how to use space, you need to have a clear message. It may be your brand mission statement; it may reflect a specific campaign or be specific to the exhibition you are attending. Make it clear what you want your audiences to take away.

Coveris Exhibition Stand Design

2) Standing out

Exhibitions are busy places full of brilliant companies all looking to promote their brand and services. So where do you fit in? How do you attract attention? How do you ensure you have the wow factor? If you know who your competitors are and who will be at the exhibitions, it will be well worth looking how you measure up. What stands have stood out to you in the past when attending exhibitions and why?

When we talk about standing out, we don’t necessarily just mean bright colours. Depending on your audience you may want to consider moving images, video or animated content. These are great for engagement, lead generation and audience interaction. Anything that appeals to the senses is great.

3) Using your space wisely

This doesn’t necessarily mean go big or go home. Sometimes less is more. Ask yourself again, what is your objective? Make sure you can viably fit your design idea into the space you have. In the example above, we had a compact space and restricted budget, but we were still able to be incredibly creative in how we best utilised the available space for our client.

Our Design team at Outlook Creative have a wealth of experience when it comes to exhibition stand design, from consultancy to end product. For more information on how we can help you with your next exhibition, take a look at our Exhibition page or contact us.