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Video Producer Holly has been down to the coast with her dancing shoes to support EDF Energy. Here’s her tale:

“I recently attended my first gay pride event – for work, not pleasure, I hasten to add (although it was a lot of fun!). I was at Brighton Pride 2014 to produce a highlights video for EDF Energy’s LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community – and by the end I the day, I guess technically you could say that I was a convert…to disco!

The evening before in Brighton, after a team briefing with EDF Energy staff bubbling with energy, a few chicken goujons, and a glass or two of wine, it was time to start dance rehearsals. Of course you’d find no Coldplay or Eminem here – as you’d expect all dancing was to of dancefloor classics such as the Macarena, YMCA, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Up bright and early the following morning we made our way down to the beach front. We were there to capture the ‘best bits’ of the day as we travelled through Brighton in a long line up of other decorative floats from Madeira Drive (just in front of the Brighton wheel) going north towards Preston Park. EDF Energy’s parade float was a large open-top bus – a multi-coloured motor of disco energy, complete with giant glitter ball graphic with a screen inside showing a live feed from our cameras.

Brighton Pride 3Brighton Pride 8Brighton Pride 5Brighton Pride 7 At 11am just before parade kick off, about 100 EDF Energy staff members were lined up practising their moves and grooves, wearing multi-coloured t-shirts emblazoned with the tag line #dancewithzingy! Most were wearing false eyelashes, flower garlands and face paints. I camped it up too using our camera operator’s neon green masking tape to decorate my arms and legs!

The Outlook video crew were quick to squeeze our way in amongst the crowds and immerse ourselves into the event to capture the very best of the parade. I went onto the upper deck half way through the procession, and suddenly the Pride spirit hit me so I joined in with the dancing. I wished I’d listened more to the dance rehearsal the night before but didn’t seem too out of sync with the rest of the EDF Energy team!

One of the great things about Brighton Pride is the diversity of people who flock down each year to a festival that means so much to the LGBT community; so many people were there, from young and old to families and party goers…oh, and a camera crew from Northampton!

A fun day’s filming for EDF Energy at Brighton Pride, ending with a refreshing half a lager back at the hotel whilst we transferred our vast (sorry editor) amount of footage onto hard drives ready for the edit.

One perk of the job as a Producer is to have the opportunity to get involved in events that I’d otherwise not usually be part of, so on this occasion, it was a real pleasure to #dancewithzingy !”

You can see more the video here: