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How Live Events Are Still a Marketing Powerhouse

In an online world, it’s amazing how live events are still a marketing powerhouse. As we are experienced in events management and the production of live events, we’ve written a post about why live events still work and why they’re still effective in this world of streaming video.

Why Live Events?

Questions like “why live events?” or “Can’t you just cover it online?” are common questions when concerned with the topic of live event production. Of course they can be covered online, but there are inherent differences between online and live events.

In April 2014, we wrote a series of blogs entitled ‘Why hold a live event? The Trilogy’ (click for parts 2 & 3) and discovered exactly why live events are successful and why they work.

Live events, unlike any other medium, play on the ‘personal touch’. The fact is, there are things you can do at a live event which simply won’t or can’t work in video, for example, you can’t captivate or talk to people on a personal level over a video because there’s something about having 300+ in a room, being able to interact with them. The idea that you can have everybody in the room captivated by a single person standing at the front, talking about what’s important to everyone there is what makes a live event special.

While yes, it is possible to be captivated through a video for example, nothing beats the real thing.

Like Iain said in part 3, “a DVD of a live concert is NEVER the same as being there. 29 HD cameras, covering every part of the show cannot hope to reproduce the emotional experience you’re having up in Block 347, where the stage is the size of a postage stamp, and the bloke next to you is singing the wrong words in the wrong key.

“Imagine for a moment if the San Diego Comic-Con switched from being the biggest convention of its kind to a mere video event. The experience would be nothing compared to being there in person. Huge unveilings and star-studded panels would be nothing more than just another YouTube video. That’s a scary thought, right? To think that something so grand can be reduced to a mere video?

The convention, which started with a humble 145 attendees in 1970 to a huge 130,000+ in 2014, is the most famous of its kind. It’s a perfect example as to why this event works so well live and why nothing else can replace something of its calibre.

It’s why The Outlook Creative Group continue to organise the highest quality live event production whilst working with brands such as Mercedes, Oracle, Medtronic and EDF Energy.

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