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Basic infographics, so far as the creation of a visual representation of data, have been used pretty much since the dawn of civilisation.

Cave paintings portraying animals, food, water and wider characteristics from the surrounding environment could be regarded as the first form of infographics, dating back to 30,000 BC. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics are 5,000 year old versions of infographics, telling visual stories of life, work and religion.

Florence Nightingale used infographics to persuade Queen Victoria to improve working and hygiene conditions in 1857.

Infographics history

More recently in 1933, Harry Beck used infographics when he famously created the first map of the London Tube as we know it today.

Infographics london underground

Modern infographics however, have become increasingly popular since 2010 and are today an almost vital part of businesses being able to depict big data efficiently, cleanly and in a way mass audiences can easily understand and digest.

Indeed, with over 1.5 billion pieces of content, 140 million plus tweets, and 2 million videos being created on a daily basis, it seems almost logical that simple visual aids are becoming more and more popular. But, there are many other reasons why your business should be using infographics.

With so much information bombarding us from so many angles, many of us have developed an increasingly shorter attention span and tend to “scan” material as opposed to actually reading text. Furthermore, we tend to remember information that we’ve seen more so than read. In fact, studies have found that 90 percent of the information that we remember is based on a visual impact.

Enhance Brand Awareness
Infographics are easily shareable around the internet and as a result, a visually appealing and well-designed one can be used to very effectively promote and increase brand awareness. If you design an interesting, engaging infographic with colours, messages and shapes that are consistent with your brand, along with your logo, you’ll have an effective means of enhancing your brand’s awareness.

Increase Traffic
A code can be embedded into your infographics, so when your work is shared online, an automatic link will be generated back to your site; the further your infographic is shared, the more traffic you will see land on your website.

SEO Benefits
A clear, concise and visually well designed infographic is far more likely to be shared, clicked on, and reused which is becoming increasingly important in the world of SEO. Furthermore, an increasing number of people are searching for infographics regarding the topic in which they are interested, and search engines are beginning to prioritise them when returning their results.

Industry Experts
A successful infographic will present your industry knowledge in a way that makes it easy for others to understand. This is a difficult skill in itself and will as a result position you as an expert in your particular field. When considered an expert, trust is naturally increased and with trust comes additional leads. Additional leads turn to work and work creates a successful business.

The challenge with infographics is creating them, but that’s where, as experts in graphic design, we come in.

We believe that graphically rich Infographic designs should be fun, absorbing, communicate subjects clearly and quickly and, make data easier to understand, consume and remember.

Although highly important, truly effective and memorable infographics need to be about more than just graphic design. That’s why before we release our creative juices, we work closely with you to ensure we fully understand your intended target audience, the preferred type of media (Digital or Print) and the critical key messages to be included. Then, and only then, do we start work; creating you a unique, visually stimulating, attention-grabbing infographic that will set your business apart from any of your competition.

For more information on graphic design, infographics, or any of our other services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’re always happy to help.