Five into one will go – An integrated response

Posted on Thursday, January 8th, 2015 by

Should you choose to visit our offices in Little Billing (and please do, you’re always welcome), you’ll see an original artwork on the wall in reception based on a quote from Alexandre Dumas:

‘All for one, one for all, that is our device’


Events, Video, Digital, Animation and Design are just delivery media. It’s only when we apply them to your communication requirement do they start to mean anything.

It’s charmingly naïve (and creatively myopic) to believe that any single medium is going to deliver a successful solution on its own. I’m very fond of using the word ‘integrated’ to describe the solutions we design for you, but integrated they are.

Whether our response is large or small, complex or simple, to assume we’ve created it within an Events bubble or Video bubble, etc. would be misguided. We celebrate and encourage the diversity of perspectives each media team brings to a solution. 

It’s this creative diversity that brings the depth of our response. No Outlook-produced event has ever really been produced by the Events Team alone. It’s been produced by the broader Outlook Creative Group.

To paraphrase the great Eric Morecambe, while the Events Team may have all the right elements, we won’t necessarily apply them in the right order! Yes, we know about video and animation, but we don’t pretend to know as much as the guys and girls in the other room.

And that’s the beauty of this ‘all for one, one for all’ approach – all of the expertise is actually in the other room, or down the corridor.

We’re a 49-person partnership; passionate about collaboration and the synergy it brings. So even though a response may be heavily weighted towards one discipline or the other, it’s a safe bet that the creativity behind it involved the active participation of all the other skillsets within the Outlook Team.

Put simply, you can assume that anything Events-shaped will have been examined from the widest (and weirdest) ‘protractor’ of creative angles.

And that, my friends, is our device.