Tablet-based interactivity at events – genuinely useful or just a gimmick?

Posted on Friday, July 4th, 2014 by

Badge, coffee, plenary, lunch, breakout, coffee, close. This has become the custom and accepted operating model for an event.

Recently, delegates have been demanding more interactivity, which has led to the introduction of tablets into the live event environment.

The question is: Are they a gimmick or will they genuinely change the way audiences experience an event?

We believe that interactivity is here to stay. As a creative agency, we have embraced this trend and grown with it.


 Why is it here to stay?

  • I wonder if so-and-so is here from that global pharmaceutical company.
  • What time is the Q&A panel session?
  • I really want to ask a question, but I don’t want to raise my hand in front of 300 colleagues.
  • I wish I could see the detail on that slide.

Event apps now enable a delegate to have all of the information they need at the swipe of a finger. Systems such as Ignite Response (our own Event app) allow delegates to achieve all of the above and more.

On a recent conference, we received over 136 questions from an audience of 260. This return is 67 per cent higher than previous years where standard handheld microphones were ran in the audience. Although the panel was not able to address all of these questions, it gave them a great insight into points of interest and popular topics that customers raised.

Post-event, we distributed a document answering the questions raised in detail, which provided longevity to the event and, more importantly, a tangible take away from the event.

A similar scenario is true for utilising event apps for obtaining post-event feedback. We have seen an increase of up to 80 per cent in returned forms when they are done electronically on a tablet at the end of the day as opposed to the traditional paper route.

Tablets and apps tick more than just the interactivity box

They also encourage paperless meetings, and nowadays this is a big selling point for today’s large corporate organisations in that it helps to satisfy their internal sustainability policies.  On the subject of internal stakeholders, event apps can now be fully branded allowing the app to become a digital extension of your companies values. This is a big selling point for customer-facing events.

How Outlook can help

This is only a quick glimpse on some key areas that event apps cover.

If you would like to learn more on how we can help you improve your ROI on events by introducing interactivity, get in touch.