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images loveWhy seeing people on screen gets the neuros transmitting

We’ve all been there haven’t we? We’re sitting on the settee, eyes throbbing, tears dripping and wondering why the hell we’ve gotten so emotional over a programme or a film. Whether it’s Forrest losing his best bud Bubba in Forrest Gump or the reveal on DIY SOS makeovers, we all have differing levels of emotional responses. As social creatures we depend on others for our survival and happiness and using this psychology in video can get you a long way! And without shedding too many tears!

In the business world we’ve already discovered the power of storytelling through engaging content; the ability to use a well thought out narrative to deliver the key messages. But think about producing the type of video that also connects on an emotive human level using characters and real empathy – that’s the key to ensuring your content has a lasting and profound effect on your audience.

Chemical bonding

Scientific tests have been carried out that show evidence that whilst watching character-driven video content, we have a sharp injection of the hormone ‘Oxytocin’.  Commonly known as the ‘bonding’ hormone, in humans, Oxytocin is released during hugging, touching, and, er, orgasm! But most relevant to a business film, oxytocin is a powerful neurotransmitter, involved in the formation of trust between people, and the generosity of accepting external stimuli.

As producers of video content we love it when scientific findings support our approach to creative video story-telling.  It reinforces our aim to continually look at ways to engage with audiences through character driven videos – be they at a corporate event, or business presentation. Even a brand film or sales film. Audiences can be persuaded into buying a product, or into an ethos of a company, purely because they’ve empathised with an onscreen contributor – and all thanks to a little injection of Oxytocin!

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

When looking for ideas for engaging content, it’s a great idea to first look inside your organisation for real stories. By keeping your ears open, you’ll soon find that there are some brilliant opportunities to turn experiences of your staff, or your customers, into wonderful video case studies and programmes. Trust us, they’ll do wonders for enhancing both employee’s level of engagement in the workplace, AND your consumer focused marketing.

Remember that people are your greatest asset – it’s scientifically proven – people really do buy people! By putting them on screen, partnering up with a well thought out narrative, great music track, beautiful lighting and a clever editor, you’re onto a highly memorable piece of content that really connects on a subconscious level – oh, and creates an Oxytocin-fuelled audience!

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