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Hamming It Up!

You’ve seen him on Kwik Fit’s new ‘Heroes’ commercial, now he’s the star of his very own gameshow – well, at least an in-brand customer incentive campaign – drum roll please……JAFFA’S WHEEL OF DEALS!

We were briefed by Jenna Mistry, Kwik Fit’s ATL Marketing Manager, to create content for their regional offers, based around the little hamster. The main idea from her Marketing Director, Dhiren Master, to have a ‘spinning wheel of deals’ was all we had, and so we jumped at the opportunity to turn it into a fun, cheesy promo!


Weird Texts!


I hope that my wife doesn’t read my texts….

Kwik Fit are always keen to use their own skilled technicians to promote their services, and promoting Jaffa’s Wheel of Deals was no different.

Ashley and Mark volunteered to represent their regions and were thrown in at the deep end in front of a green screen, close to us in Northampton at Sole Studios, as Ed and our great new recruit Producer/Director Ryan steadily worked through the shotlist ready for the final set-up of the day with Jaffa.

Now everyone experiences surreal moments now and again, and after receiving the text ‘Hi, it’s Becky and I have the hamster’! I realised that this was definitely one. I’m pretty certain that I’ve never received, and will never receive, THAT message ever again!


Jaffa performed….well, like a hamster! After the initial blood curdling squeals that he made after leaving his travel box, we worked out that gently blowing on him ‘encouraged’ him to perform on cue. I’m sure there are other celebrities that also demand the same technique!

To be in-keeping with the mood of ITV Saturday night game shows, animator Duncan put together the cheesy show titles, and we packaged up the offer promo based around the real offer hamster wheel that would be in branch.

Promoting Your Product

With some late nights and tight deadlines involved, this project was all about sharing positive messages by creating something fun, upbeat and friendly. We needed to grab the attention of customers waiting to be served or waiting to collect their cars and hopefully give them something to smile about. If you get the right idea and have some fun along the way then it usually means a good result.

For Outlook, alongside the content product itself, we’re recognised for our can-do approach and our positive attitude.

Dhiren Master echoed this sentiment with his feedback “Really appreciated! I would like to personally thank you for your hard work. It looks really, really great. Absolutely fantastic!”

For content to support your product launch or customer incentive campaign give us a bell – we won’t put you in a spin!*

*I sincerely apologise for that awful pun.