Making your employee recognition stand out – Festival style

Posted on Thursday, July 12th, 2018 by

We’ve all heard the old saying ‘happy wife – happy life’. In my opinion it’s a bit outdated and a bit one-sided, but it perhaps has some relevance to businesses. Especially if you change it a little to ‘Happy employee – Happy work life’.

Making your employees feel valuable, informed and recognising their contribution to the business are all ingredients to an engaged workforce. Happy engaged employees are more productive, have less sick days and are less likely to leave on a whim. So, in the long run, looking after your employees makes good financial sense if you invest in it.

Too many businesses are stuck in the loop doing the same thing, the Christmas parties or social events without appreciating the impact it can have on the culture and happiness of your employees.

Our approach is to shake it up

We like to do things a little differently here at The Outlook Creative Group, so we combined our morning company conference with all the usual business updates about performance, direction and employee recognition awards with our very own festival, O’ Fest.

O’ Fest – in Summary

  • The relaxed festival vibe kept it from being stuffy
  • Everyone was in the same place which we had exclusive use
  • As it was a festival we encouraged camping and almost everyone did
  • Lawn games and activities kept people busy while people arrived and set up camp
  • Live music and entertainment for the rest of the evening
  • Entertainment and refreshments where available on-site, including breakfast

If your interested in breaking the repetitive cycle our Event’s team can help you discover your own perfect balance between business and pleasure. Get in touch