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Brand Marketing Techniques by Aston Martin

Since 1913, Aston Martin has effectively used their luxury branding and marketing techniques in a creative, impactful way. Whether it’s using the suave, classy nature of James Bond, or leveraging the product placement within the Bond films, the company knows how to market their vehicles.

marketing techniques used by Aston Martin
The Outlook Creative Group have briefly outlined some of the branding and marketing techniques they effectively employ to maintain an interest in their brand.


Aston Martin knows how to market their vehicles to an audience. They do this through personalisation. We’re not talking about the act of placing a cookie onto your computer and tracking your every move – at least, with this example. With Aston Martin, personalisation means the act of creating a bespoke vehicle to create the customers’ needs, ensuring everything they do is for the customer.

marketing techniques used for Aston Martins products

Director of Global Marketing Communications, Simon Sproule spoke at The Festival of Marketing last year and presented a number of differences between Aston Martin and a mass producer of vehicles. Whereas the mass producer in this case would manufacture as many as 1,300 cars in a day, Aston Martin has produced 80,000 across its entire 102-year lifespan. This is due to the specialist nature of their manufacturing process.

While a mass producer of vehicles would create a ‘disposable’ vehicle (that is to say that there’ll always be another), Aston Martin creates a vehicle which will last for years and generations to come – a vehicle which is produced on the intent of being a trophy piece.

What differentiates Aston Martin from other manufacturers is their relationship with their customers. Whilst many companies lean toward the luxury trend of ‘treating everyone as an individual’, Aston Martin practice a Japanese concept to hospitality known as ‘Omotenashi’. Their personal touch ensures their way of customer services is unparalleled.

As well as this, their loyalty schemes are next to none – surprise gifts, social events, factory visits, meeting craftspeople are amongst some of the techniques Aston Martin are employing to ensure their service is unmatched.

Personalisation is becoming a widely used technique when it comes to marketing. It gives the customer the sense of involvement which seems to be missing in many companies today. In this day and age where we are encouraged to connect with each other through electronic means, it appears the ‘personal’ customer service is seemingly absent.

There is, however, a limit. It’s about striking a balance, ensuring that the ‘personal’ doesn’t invade privacy. Knowing too much information about an audience may be useful for a business, but may be overwhelming for the customer.

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