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As recruitment specialists Monster will tell you: ‘Success is often determined by one fundamental thing: finding the right people.’ That’s pretty close to our own ethos here at Outlook.

For example, we’ve been working with the European arm of a global company across many business units and contacts. With one project, our initial creative treatment blew them away. Very quickly, we began to enjoy the benefits of working with like-minded teams on both sides of the English Channel.

On a second project, a slower, more considered approach was driven by fact-finding, problem-solving and challenging each other’s views. The parallel between these two examples is the people and how we all adapted our approaches.

Both styles have resulted in amazing films hitting all objectives, and incredibly happy clients and agency team.

Our new relationship with Monster

Agency personality traits such as ‘creative’, ‘experienced’ and ‘organised’ are only half the story for success. The only way to achieve synergy and added value is to also recognise the importance of ‘partnership’, ‘honesty’ and ‘collaboration’.


We have recently developed a new relationship with the Monster marketing team. Producer Holly sums her up experience:

‘Working with Monster to produce their Monster Consultancy Services video has given us the opportunity to be very open and diverse, both from our initial ideas through to final completion of the project.

Communication and attention to detail has been an incredibly important aspect of our partnership with Monster. We’re really pleased to have delivered a project that not only fulfilled Monster’s communication needs, but that also helped strengthen our partnership with them.

We’re both so much further ahead with our understanding of key production requirements needed from both an agency and client-side.’

You can see the full video here:

Remember, the ethos of an agency isn’t down to the work it produces, it’s down to the people.

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