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Explainer videos are the (not so) new kids on the block! What better way to quickly digest all the key information on a subject or company than through short, attractive, fun and simple made for purpose videos! Now don’t get these little gems confused with ‘commercials’ – ooooh no, these are a whole different, yet subtly different, kettle of fish!


Explainer Video? Isn’t that just an advert?

Hah! Not quite. You know the sort of thing, you get them shared across social media everyday. Even if you aren’t interested in PooPourri.com  or care.org there’s a way to use video to get both multinational company or new start-up the brand recognition or direct response that their marketeers are after. The key to their success is a creative approach that engages, or entertains us, without making us feel as though they are being sold to…which essentially, we are!

Do they REALLY work?

Well, no matter how much of a liberal Guardianesque reader we claim to be, we all love being consumers – it’s why primetime TV adverts are still the Crème de la crème – a captive audience on the sofa waiting for the next episode of Corrie. We all knowingly respond to great advertising – justifiably raising a hand to say “Yep, I admit it, it’s not cool to like the brand, but it’s a pretty good advert, and you know what, I know a little bit more about the world than I did 2 minutes ago”.

The real key here, is ‘HOW’ do they work?

pigeon1All ‘explainer’ videos, as they are now helpfully pigeon-holed, are on-line, and as although streamed from YouTube, most have a place on the business’s landing page, so aren’t simply social media content. The first immediate difference between this type of promotional material and your standard TV ad is that they’re not constrained to the standard media time slots. This means that agencies can find interesting ways to get the message across AND clever methods keep audiences watching for longer than 30 or 50 seconds.

The next key difference is cost. Without the huge fee of TV media spots dominating the advertising budget, more money can be put aside for creativity and engagement. Changing the balance of spend toward production rather than distribution means that both on and off screen talent are given a greater crack of the whip to drive the success of the ‘ad’. Utilising beautifully animated infographics, great scripting (mostly using humour) and plenty of flexibility to react to audience viewing trends within a multi-platform campaign, all help to create a product that starts to become a lot more desirable to the purse holder than a 30 spot on Dave!

From razors to software – your business needs one!

So now brands new and old, large and small can have access to the same potential audience share and same initial level playing field to answer, as thoroughly as possible in 2-3 minutes, what it is that they’re bringing to the table. I mean, Gillette (the best a man can get) is the single only shaving related brand I’ve ever heard of until the Dollar Shave Club explainer video landed in my inbox – reported made for just $4.5k, and not a smooth faced heroic figure of masculinity in sight. And Crazy Egg‘s web product, which would normally only be getting interest from the IT crowd, with a well crafted explainer, can market their infographic style promo video to a much wider on-line business community. The result? More shares, more likes, and ultimately a greater buying target audience.

 Choosing the right agency to deliver your Explainer

So where do creative agencies like Outlook come in? Well, I’ll reiterate the key point above regarding clients investing in production talent – ‘agencies can find interesting ways to get the message across AND clever methods keep audiences watching for longer’. We know that  marketing & advertising budgets have to realise huge return on investment, but it’s only by insuring that the true value of having both clear business objectives AND a decent agency to deliver them is recognised.

So who needs Explainers? Anyone with something to say! My advice? Get one made before your competitors do. If they already have one, then get one made that’s even better!

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