The power of email marketing and design

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Email marketing is a great way of keeping in touch with customers through order follow-ups or even regular newsletters.

There are many ways of marketing your business through email. Selling, informing or simply advertising – email marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool if it’s used in the right way. Simply sending emails with your brand logo and a little information won’t cut it. Remember, these customers have opted-in to receive your emails, so they need a reason to continue opening them! 

In this blog post, we discuss how to harness the power of the platform with examples of effective email marketing.

How email marketing is used today


This Christmas email reminds customers that they can purchase gifts through the CHANEL website. It also provides a link to their website for customers to follow.

The minimalist design and a small amount of text is simple, on-brand and effective.









In this image-rich email campaign, Starbucks use appealing imagery to make customers aware of latest posts on their site.

The email campaign features various social share options that allow Starbucks’ customers to interact with their social media channels and share content with followers.

What works great about this particular design is that while it offers recipe ideas for coffee at home, it is an advertisement for their products. The marketing works on two levels: from a business perspective and from a good content marketing perspective.












The Stitcher email campaign is great, because not only is it a wonderful example of responsive design, it’s also catered to the individual it’s sent to.

For example, if the user opens this email from their mobile device and have the Stitcher app installed, they can tap ‘Listen’ to take them to the app to listen to the podcast immediately.

In today’s mobile world, responsiveness is an important aspect in not only web, but email design. Ensure your campaigns are set to deal with these hurdles. It’s a nice touch that tells your audience you’re aware of the technology they’re using and you’re catering to their needs.

Again, the inclusion of the social share option allows the user to share these podcasts on their chosen channels. This further expands Stitcher’s reach to an appropriate audience.




What we can do

Ultimately, your email design campaigns depend on the type of audience you have, as different audiences require different styles of email. We have experience in a variety of sectors, so whatever the type of campaign you require The Outlook Creative Group can help. 

We will design, plan and write copy that maximises your open rate. Then we will build and distribute your effective email campaigns to ensure it reaches your target audience.

Call or email us today to find out more.

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