New Designer Corey joins the Events team

Name: Corey Richards

Role: Events Graphic Designer

 What’s your background?

I graduated from Falmouth University in Journalism. It was during my time there that I taught myself InDesign and Photoshop and became the Editor and Designer of their student magazine, Flex. Since graduating in September, I’ve interned for some magazines and freelanced for others. Even though I don’t have a traditional design background, I’m a pretty creative individual who can quickly grasp new things.

Why Outlook?

Opportunity. It’s a company that offers the opportunity for individuals to grow their existing skillset and work within a dedicated team. Despite having no formal design qualifications, I feel the role suits me well and I can learn as much as I can offer.

What does your role entail?

My main duties are assisting the Events team with a range of creative duties. The production of PowerPoint presentations and their final delivery on-site is a key role, as well as assisting the wider design team with branding and anything necessary.

What’s your favourite thing about Outlook so far?

The atmosphere. Even though everyone is hard at work, it doesn’t necessarily feel like you’re working. That’s what you want from a job, isn’t it?

What’s your favourite Outlook company value and why?

STOP! Collaborate and listen. Collaboration creates the opportunity for everyone to gel and share ideas, which is a huge part of growing a concept or a project.




Corey’s first week in the Events team

My only prerequisite for success is not failing. You can never really be certain how your first week is going to go until you’re not fired. I’m still surprised that I landed such an engaging and fun job and that it’s not some kind of Punk’d joke. At university you’re meant to come to terms with fact that you probably won’t get a job. I am glad that I’ve ever-so-slightly beat the system.

Before starting a new job, you spend a lot of time wondering. What will I be doing? Will it be hard? Am I ready? These are questions that constantly rattled my brain and with a Journalism degree I was definitely questioning whether my design skills were good enough to start with.

It wasn’t until I made it through my inductions with each department and finally got stuck in that I felt some of these worries alleviate. Fully getting to grips with PowerPoint on a professional level and expanding my existing skills with Adobe software reminds me that this is a fluid role that gives me the opportunity to learn and grow.

Having spent time with each team, I have been given the chance to understand every element and facet of the company and see how I fit into the bigger picture. It’s been a good week and I’ve tried to cram as much as possible into my head so I’ll be better equipped for the weeks to come.

What’s great is Outlook’s dedication to providing the best solutions and services for their clients. That’s what makes it such an engrossing place to work. This is mirrored by their dedication to their staff. I feel like I’ve joined such an integrated team that all share a similar passions and goals within the company.

I’m looking forward to bringing my own set of passions to Outlook and helping across the company wherever I can. It’s an exciting opportunity that I’m grateful to have been given.


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