New Designer Natalie’s first month at Outlook

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Natalie's first monthMy first month can be summed up in a few simple numbers:

  • 856 miles commuting
  • 45 different projects
  • 7 different clients
  • 1 company BBQ
  • 1,299-mile round trip to Copenhagen.

Natalie’s first month working at Outlook

Was my first month at Outlook what I expected? Kinda, until I was asked to go to a different country.

After enjoying a long bank holiday weekend, the batteries were charged and I was ready to go. It wasn’t only my first day, but my first day back in this sort of environment in two years. I was terrified. ‘What if I’ve forgotten how website’s work?’ was one of the things I said to my mum on the way out the door.

Turns out that was the least of my worries.

After 13 days of working here and staring to feel quite settled Jason turned round to me and asked how I would feel about going to Copenhagen as the team wanted extra design support on-site at one of our biggest events of the year. Half of me overflowing with excitement the other terrified at the idea of going out the country with no real idea of what would happen, I said yes and went home to make sure I had an up-to-date passport and clean underwear.

The event

Sunday morning came and at 3 a.m. Yes 3 a.m.! The taxi came to pick me up and take me to Luton where I would meet with the rest of the team who were travelling. I’d packed double what everyone else had. Maybe my packing for all eventualities was overkill (three-quarters of the stuff in my case never got used over the four days). Woke myself up with a Frankie & Benny’s breakfast (bacon pancakes with maple syrup for those interested).

We landed and it was straight to business at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen. Fun fact: it is the largest conference centre in Scandinavia. That will help you in a pub quiz one day – trust me! And that’s where I stayed for four days. Updating all kind of design materials and just generally helping out making sure the event went smoothly. Oh and eating. I ate a lot. God I miss the food there. One day I had six puddings, and I’m not ashamed – I love chocolate pudding.

So without boring you with every detail, it turns out the event was a huge success and it seems everything I was terrified about, I had no need to be. I was surrounded by a great team who made my first overseas working experience so much fun, and so educational – I had no idea how much work went into these big events. I knew it had been hard work, but I didn’t realise how hard until I got home on Wednesday night and slept for 10 hours. Good thing I had Thursday off really.

Two weeks later and I’ve experienced a company BBQ where again I had more than one pudding. I love pudding. Which was a great event to finish off my first month at Outlook.

Now here’s to many more months to come.

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