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Consumer cynicism is at an all-time high! According to a recent study by PR agency Euro RSCG Biss Lancaster, just 18% trust what the media tell them. To reflect this, it appears that a new style of infomercial is used that combines trusted expert and customer insight with carefully constructed marketing messages. The old hard sell technique adopted in traditional ‘selly telly’ to achieve ‘pence per minute’ performance has been replaced with an altogether more effective method of delivering convincing retail messages. We followed this market insight to take our clients requirements into a thing of beauty!

In a recent marketing project for L’Oreal Active Cosmetics for products within the Healthy Skin Care category at Boots, Senior Producer/Director Eddie Matthews, pitched the idea to deliver the message through a television magazine format with skin care as the main topic. Hosted out on location by beauty expert / presenter Carole Machin (Channel 4’s How to Look Good Naked / BBC 1’s Consumer Programming), she delivered the marketing message with supported testimonials from real consumers and expert scientific endorsements from leading Dermatologist Dr Dancey, of Bijoux Medi-Spa, in London.

“To deliver the message effectively” said Eddie, “we wanted to ensure that whilst the delivery was informal and accessible to the target audience, the photographic treatment took on the look and feel of a glossy aspirational commercial”

Rather than a television broadcast, L’Oreal Active Cosmetics intend to use the film online which will act as a further test of this format. Marketing on this platform is based around the same social recommendation principles driving the growth of internet review sites and social networks. Consumers visiting Vichy’s Facebook and YouTube channels can review and even “tell a friend” about what they have discovered, or book their own skin test via Vichy and Boots websites.

So can British consumers look forward to saying goodbye to the days of badly filmed late-night ads with American voiceovers? Probably not. But don’t be surprised if your friends start to comment on your skin type and skin care regime, and quote you “the science bit” to back it up.

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