How Outlook’s disciplines work together and individually

Posted on Friday, April 4th, 2014 by

Hannah Watson, our new Account Executive, discovers Outlook’s passions for creativity, collaboration and cake!

When I approached The Outlook Creative Group for a job role last month, little did I know what they had in store for me. One telephone interview and three interrogations (I mean interviews!) later, and here I am! A fully fledged Account Executive working in Client Services. I had survived the interviews with all my limbs intact! 

To say the hiring process was unconventional is an understatement. At one point they fired six or seven questions at me without even taking a breath! But that’s what’s so special about Outlook: they’re anything but conventional. So when the anticipated ‘Why do you want to work for Outlook?’ question popped up, it was easy to answer. Because they’re different; their focus is on quality and delivering the best communication solution for the client or partner.

Partnerships are a big focus here at Outlook. This is hardly surprising given they work seamlessly across five different disciplines and three departments: Events, Video, Digital, Animation and Design. So, I was set a task: to find out from the heads of each department how Outlook achieve and deliver an integrated response, partner together to adapt to fit any brief and support each individual department to communicate across different mediums. Luckily, it’s Friday Treat Day (a perk of the job!), so loaded with battenburgs I set off on my task.

Communication is key

I began with Jason, Digital Director. He was a tough interviewer, so between you and me, I was relishing the opportunity to put him on the spot! Jason explained that part of Outlook’s charm is our ability to really get under the skin of a project by keeping the work in-house. We collaborate, brainstorm and deliver quality and value for a client! Quite often in a short space of time! He explains that the Digital and Design teams are really a delivery mechanism able to translate the client’s ideas into a reality.

Events provides the perfect platform to put forward a combined response that can drive creativity for the client. So, off I went to the swanky new offices that our Events team have just moved in to. Friday is always a happy day, so I’m greeted with lots of happy faces and a cherry bakewell. (Needless to say, I will be 10 lbs heavier by the end of my first month here.)  When I sat down with Iain, he made it clear that Outlook’s ability to be creative, inventive and have original ideas means that wherever possible, the Events team partner with the other sides of the agency to be able to deliver an incredible result for the client. We deliver solutions right across the spectrum, from creating a concept to delivering a brief.

Gary, our Head of Video, expertly explained that the value Outlook can add when partnering with a client is through creating a truly integrated response, which is capable of creating outstanding work through combining capabilities across all of our Outlook disciplines. Through doing this, we are able to create a communication solution that not only works across various platforms but can add something special and different for the client.


A fully integrated response

From a client perspective, The Outlook Creative Group can meet any brief and help the client to sleep a bit easier at night. Steve, Outlook Managing Director, made this crystal clear:

‘Whether working independently or together, Outlook’s multi-discipline approach is both beneficial, effective and blooming well successful!’

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