The Muse Video Project

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tumblr_mk09h2ftQW1qh28imo1_1280[1]Our Editor Ed has been involved in a great project over the last few months, here’s his story“The opportunity was a geat one – Muse, one of the the UK’s finest bands, wanted people to make the music video for Animals, from their new album, The 2nd Law. They left the brief wide open, so some of my good friends put together an idea and asked me if i wanted to be part of the team to get it shot, edited and ready for the judging panel. With out any hesitation I said yes!

So over one of the first weekend of January a cast and crew of over 20 came together under the banner of ‘Woofy’ to produce our entry for the competition. I was first camera assist, making sure that the cameras were all set up and looking after the technical side, plus getting involved in some of the camera work myself. We mainly shot on the Sony NS700 because it meant that we could shoot at 100fps to capture some of the action in slow-mo and had track and dolly throughout to make sure that there waas plenty of motion in every shot

After wrapping, and downloading the Muse track for use, Craig (the co-Director) and I worked through the night to get the edit finished and ready for grading. As like anything now (!) it was an increadibly tight turnaround to meet the submission deadline – but we nailed it!

The competition was judged by the Muse fans themselves on their Facebook site by ‘liking’ their favorite video, from the shortlisted 5 entries. We were the only shortlisted entry from the UK! It was a close race, but we missed out on the top spot by about 300 votes with just under 3000 votes!

You can see the entry here: “

Great stuff Ed – next step Justin Beiber??!

Photo copyright of Michael Sission. You can see some more behind the scenes still here: