Outlook deliver ‘A Big Thank You’ for the Stroke Association

Posted on Monday, March 31st, 2014 by

The Outlook Creative Group worked with the Stroke Association charity to launch their ‘A Big Thank You‘ campaign. It focused on recognising the efforts and energy of their supporters. We learnt a lot from the experience too. The charity not only donates money, but time, knowledge and skills. This all comes together to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people affected by stroke every year.

Playing our part in a multi-platform marketing campaign

The Stoke Association asked us to drive the development and visualisation for a video campaign across social, print and web. The film was not intended to be sentimental or highly emotive. It was simply a chance for people to say ‘Thank You’ on behalf of the charity. Our approach? We kept it simple and honest!

‘The video successfully illustrates to supporters, donors, volunteers and campaigners what a big difference they make to those people whose lives have been touched by stroke,’ said Jackie Parnell, Remembrance Fund Manager for the Stroke Association and our lead on the A Big Thank You project. ‘Outlook were briefed to film stroke survivors, researchers, volunteers and staff – a very diverse mix of people, especially given that some stroke survivors had difficulty speaking and walking.’

True agency value shows when faced with a challenge!

The real challenge came from the tight schedule that allowed all talking heads, who were not to accustomed to be on camera, to be filmed within one day and across multiple locations!

Outlook filmed with absolute professionalism and empathy and were not phased by any of the challenges which faced them throughout the day,‘ said Jackie.

It’s in these type of high-pressure situations that our clients see the added value of working with us. Within a small charity budget, our technical, location and directing experience achieved great contributions from those in front and behind the camera. Above all, we remained flexible but true to our initial creative vision.

While on site, the Stroke Association also received the added benefit of supporting photographic imagery of the staff and contributors. This meant we were able to optimise the budget for this project for all channel opportunities.

The feedback has been brilliant. It’s been a pleasure working with Outlook and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.’ Very kind words indeed from Jackie,  so a big thank you from all of us at Outlook for the opportunity to play our part in such a great campaign and charity.

And here is the final film, which is also hosted on the Stoke Association YouTube channel.

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