Outlook deliver the latest Autoglass marketing campaign to the screen

Posted on Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 by

On the back of April’s Wiper campaign (Click here for more info) Autoglass have returned to an ‘offer’ based strategy on TV and radio to increase traffic to their call centres. This time, aiming to underline the importance of windscreen maintenance whilst promoting Autoglass’s partnership with Halfords Autocentres. With the benefit our long lasting trusted partnership, we were on-board with Autoglass at an early stage in the TV project to ensure a smooth logistic, and technical delivery across preproduction, location filming, in-house postproduction at Outlook and finally all Clearcast submissions and deliveries to the broadcasters.

The new ad is set in an Autoglass repair shop, with Brummie technician Gavin Jenks, the star of the 2008 ads returning as the face of the campaign to explain why a damaged windscreen can mean a failed MOT.

Filmed over a long day indoors in August, we worked again with DOP Paul Newton with the Arri Alexa from Video Europe. Outlook pride ourselves on having great relationships with both our crews and kit suppliers which means we can be incredibly flexible with any last minute changes that might result from client requests or creative decision making. Putting flexibility high on our service offering results in avoiding situations that could be incredibly stressful (and costly!) to ourselves and to our clients. As such, we are almost insanely focussed at ensuring that best project management practise is followed. Our ever-upbeat Production Manager Kay believes that the key to a smooth production experience is “clear, honest lines of communication to and from agency, suppliers and clients”. She says “I really believe that teamwork is imperative to meet ever tighter deadlines – of course sugar and chocolate never fail to keep crew happy through a long day!”

The final spots were re-versioned 17 times to accommodate different durations, call to actions, phone numbers and DRTV media plans – including 4OD.

André May, the sales and marketing director at Autoglass, said: “Autoglass is widely recognised for its high-quality customer service and technical knowledge, so it has always been important for us to place our technicians at the forefront of the business”.

At Outlook, we are confident that we have the same recognition from our clients within our own field of expertise, and so, in homage to Autoglass, it’s also equally important to place our own video team at the forefront of our business too – so here they are!