Outlook work with an award winning agency to wow with technical brilliance and animation.

Posted on Monday, April 7th, 2014 by

Outlook’s Head of Events, Iain Liddiard showcases our successful partnering with award winning agency DBMT to deliver a seriously amazing awards ceremony for Mercedes-Benz.

Underscoring the effectiveness of a creative partnership, The Outlook Creative Group have been supporting Events and Incentives agency DBMT for several years. Built on a strong personal relationship and a willingness to always say ‘yes’, our Technical Director, Rich Salado, has created a team of in house designers, technicians, editors and structural engineers who truly understand the DBMT approach to delivering award-winning solutions.

For the 2014 Mercedes-Benz Truck Sales Masters Awards Ceremony, The Westminster Park Plaza was the venue of choice, DBMT Managing Director David Bottrill made it clear that both he and Mercedes-Benz were looking for a fresh and exciting approach to the staging of the event – this needed to be a live experience which both complemented the Mercedes-Benz brand and avoided being ‘just another awards ceremony.’


Rich and the team put forward a number of design options, before the agency settled on a distinctive twin screen ‘elliptical’ response; each projection surface mounted inside a giant, circular bezel, with intelligent LED around the perimeter. This provided an innovative (and interactive) enhancement for the Award Ceremony, and a stunning environmental backdrop for the dinner and post-dinner entertainment.

Supported by interlocking circular stages and a series of curved walls, we were able to choreograph multi-dimensional environmental changes throughout the event.

Alongside the physical environment, Rich also brought the Outlook Digital & Outlook Video teams on board, producing a package of 3D environmental animations, ambient soundscapes and high impact opening modules and awards stings. We also offered up a new take on PowerPoint within the context of sales figure presentations – never have EBITDA figures looked so engaging!

Recently the venue confirmed the Mercedes-Benz TSM event as the largest and most involved structural set built within their main ball room – not bad for a 36 hour build/show/de-rig window!

“We’re really delighted with the way the relationship works with Outlook” said David Bottrill, “ they bring a unique enthusiasm, technical know-how and creativity to all the project we work on together which perfectly match our objectives for every project – the two recent Mercedes-Benz jobs we’ve done with Rich have added to our award winning  relationship with our client”.