Outlook success in Monte-Carlo

Posted on Friday, September 20th, 2013 by

This week, myself and new producer Adam Sherlock boarded an early Tuesday morning flight from the glamour of Luton to the not so glamorous French Riviera (hold on, I’ve got that wrong way round), where we would rendezvous with various members of the Outlook team at the Fairmont Hotel, Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

Unfortunately for Adam and I this wasn’t a “jolly” as some of my friends preferred to believe but instead an opportunity, as the two new boys here, to witness Outlook flex its muscles on a 5 day event which sees pretty much all of Outlooks services and disciplines put to the test…..

Across 5 days, 3 locations and a near 20 hour running schedule on most days, Outlook are working closely with a long standing client to deliver a top class event for our clients delegates; a discerning crowd with exacting standards that is made up of Europe’s top trademark and intellectual property lawyers and specialists.

Outlooks input into the complete solution includes (but isn’t limited to):

Events – concept, theme definition, running order consultation, full event production and management

Design – event theme, branding, supporting print/collateral, set and room designs

Digital – animations and stings

Video – promotional videos and trailers, onsite running videos, onsite live filming, onsite live interviews, post event edits and showreels

Photography – onsite photography

A significant highlight for Outlook yesterday was the launch of the clients new website, built by Outlook’s Digital team which was greeted by what can only be described as “fanfare” by the 400+ delegates.

On the subject of fanfare, a 35Euro bill for a Heineken and Vodka Lemonade wasn’t greeted in such a way by Adam and myself…. I should also mention that Adam did take a rather swift step back from the bar at this point; note to self don’t be first to the bar in Monaco!!

I think it’s fair to say that Adam and I, the client and the delegates have been impressed with the first few days of this event; I am certain the whole event will be a roaring success.

It’s a perfect example of Outlook providing a complete solution utilising a wide variety of our in house skills and services that results in an output worthy of arguably the most elite place on Earth.

Stay tuned to see pictures and videos from this week over the coming days.