Outlook’s latest work for EDF ER

Posted on Thursday, March 14th, 2013 by

Outlook’s latest work for EDF ER is based up in the Scottish border counties at Fallago Rig. It’s the 4th largest wind farm development in the UK, and a project that has seen an unparalleled level of success in every aspect of its lifespan.

As the build comes near to the final stages, EDF ER are keen to capture some of that success to share with the rest of the business and celebrate what’s been achieved.

Outlook sent a team of 3, Darren Suffolk (Producer Director), Kay Appleby (Production Manager) and Paul Gavin (DP and Cameraman) to capture some of the beauty of the projects surroundings, and to talk to some of those people that have been integral to the delivery of such an inspiring development.

With conditions ever changing, from snow, early morning fog hanging to the ground and the sun fighting to break through, the team have beaten the Scottish conditions for 4 days up in the area to capture everything.


The team are now back, and will be spending the next month in post production putting together the story of Fallago Rig, ahead of the commisioning later in the year.

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