Pokémon Go – Tips for success

Pokémon has taken the world by storm with Niantic’s new augmented reality game Pokémon Go. Not just the world of carefree preteens either… the whole world! I knew 13-year-old me was right, Pokémon is awesome!

With Outlook having it’s finger on the pulse (and a lot of kids trapped in adult’s bodies), it has swept through parts of our office, along with the rest of the country!

Pokémon Go has fostered a community that helps each other learn the game. The ‘figure it out’ approach is undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons for Pokémon Go’s viral success. In the spirit of that, we thought we’d impart our knowledge on the subject for anyone who needs it!

There is one over-arching rule when playing Pokémon Go: it’s all about your characters level!

The higher level you are the more powerful (and rare) the Pokémon you encounter. Higher level players also have access to better equipment (Pokéballs) so job one is to get to level 20 as quickly as you can. The following tips have that goal in mind.

1) Get lots of XP

XP is what your in-game character uses to level up. You need as much as you can get. The most effective methods are:

2) Use your Lucky Eggs effectively

Lucky Eggs are probably the most valuable item in the game. They give you a 30-minute window where your XP gained by any activity is doubled. So, how do you make this count?

3) Save your stardust 

Stardust (combined with Candy) is the way you make your Pokémon more powerful. Using this on Pokémon you catch before level 20 is a waste (you’ll just catch more powerful Pokémon later).

Save it all up. Once you hit level 20 you should have lots of powerful Pokémon and enough Stardust to make them near invincible!

4) Don’t bother with gyms

Until you’ve got some heavy hitters in your line-up, Gyms are a cruel shop window that dangles power and glory in front of you.

If you spot a Gym that’s weak (Pokémon in the Gym have low CP) then it might be worth quickly taking for the 500 Stardust reward you get. Just don’t expect to hold on to it for long.

5) Hatch lots of eggs

When you level up (and occasionally when you spin a Pokéstop), you will get Eggs or Incubators. You put the Eggs in to Incubators and walk to hatch them.

The Eggs vary in distance (2 km, 5 km and 10 km) and you can get various Pokémon from each kind of egg.

Hatching Eggs gets you a (potentially rare) Pokémon, a healthy dose of XP and Stardust (along with plenty of candies for your new Pokémon). Lots of wins there.

Don’t assume the 2 km eggs are rubbish. I won’t lie, you’ll get plenty of Pidgeys from them but they contain a few rare names (including Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander and Pikachu!).

For a full list of what you can hope for out of each Egg distance, check out this chart.

And there it is! A guide to hitting the ground running in Pokémon Go. When that Dragonite breaks out of the Pokéball and runs away, remember, it’s just a game!

HAPPY HUNTING! Gotta’ Catch ‘Em All!… etc. etc.