The Positive Power of a Production Partnership

Posted on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 by

Although we‘re incredibly proud of the ‘fully integrated, communication solutions’ we deliver for our corporate clients, we also get a MASSIVE kick out of partnering with other agencies.

Amongst the funkiest case studies on our website are prime examples of the positive power of agency partnership.

See our Group Brand Film here:

See our Events Showreel here:

Check out the work we did for the Mercedes-Benz ’Actros’ truck launch:

We know where our core skills lie and we know what we do really well. We also know that there are dozens of amazing agencies out there, agencies who’s skills complement our owns, but who maybe worry they’re missing a bit of Outlook ‘magic’ when it comes to creating truly memorable live experiences.

We ‘play very nicely with other children’ and we’re not precious about it. We’re delighted to be the ‘production/technical partner’ on projects if that’s something your agency doesn’t do in house or doesn’t feel comfortable with. And because we believe in the positive power of partnership everything we do is shaped by the synergy we believe specialist agencies can create together. For us, it’s about understanding how we can enhance, augment and delight in equal measure. This isn’t about AV hire, we don’t do that (although we have a global network of carefully selected partners who do); this is about understanding how to make every live experience memorable.

We’ve done pretty well with this approach so far, having worked with some of the industry’s leading Incentive, Logistic, Experiential and Communication agencies in the creation of award winning live experiences – product launches, roadshows, conferences, awards ceremonies, exhibitions…

It’s a ‘win, win’ situation all round.

We augment your agency’s core offering with a unique level of creative and technical expertise (including the full creative capabilities of Outlook Digital and Outlook Video), you get to bring something unique to your client’s events.

We love to collaborate; we don’t mind how we’re presented to the final client and we’re a whole lot of fun to work with. You’re big in Logistics? An industry leader in Incentive Travel? Great, let’s work together to offer logistics, incentive travel and production. If you’re currently looking at projects where you’re relying on a venue’s in house resource or untried ’local suppliers’, give us a call and let’s see if we can’t do something a bit more award-winning together.

Contact Iain Liddiard, Head of Outlook Events or Adam Sherlock, Events Producer