Pushing the boundaries for BGL Group’s ‘Year In Review’ video

Posted on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 by

In January 2013, we were approached by the BGL Group (home of insurance brands such as comparethemarket.com and Bennetts & Budget) with a simple task: ‘We need a video to review our achievements for the year to play at our roadshow… but it needs to be better than anything we’ve had before!’ 

By the summer of that year, over 3,000 staff were captivated by what we’d achieved!

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The BGL Group ‘Year In Review’ video has become a highlight of the BGL Group Roadshow, an annual event designed to engage staff and inform them of their collective achievements. Every year, the company’s in-house marketing team, driven by the executive board, pride themselves on raising the bar in quality, creativity and staff engagement, and each year select the best production company to help them achieve this.

After having reviewed the journey that the ‘Year In Review’ video had taken over previous years, we were invited to pitch our concepts and quickly won over the team at BGL Group with our star offering – the liveliest, most colourful way possible to engage their staff – to make them the stars of their very own music video. To be more accurate, we made them stars of a ‘lip dub’ music video.

Over the following month, Producer/Director Darren was challenged to pull the treatment together, starting with selecting the most suitable well-known pop song, recording the music as a backing track, and rewriting all lyrics to celebrate the key business messages and achievements. As Outlook’s very own Lennon & McCartney in one, Darren had to create each song part to get as many staff involved as possible – the only limitation was how many people he could fit in shot!

With a shoot spanning five locations across two countries, we delivered an exciting, fun and, most importantly, incredibly successful project that has exceeded expectations and shown the true potential of work which can be achieved with a creative mind and a forward-thinking client!

With a great close working relationship, we found BGL Group happy and confident to embrace this radical, exciting approach, leaving the creative minds at Outlook like kids in a sweetshop! With a treatment that managed to communicate all the messages required in a fun, engaging way as well as giving the members of the BGL team the chance to really put their own personalities in to the finished piece, we’ve set ourselves a difficult job to top this treatment with next year’s review!

As the video itself was purely for internal communication, BGL Group have given us permission to show the behind-the-scenes ‘making of’ video to give everyone a taste of the fun we had and the great final product we all crafted together.

Take a peek at the video below. If you would like to know more, get in touch!