Putting the trust into used Car Dealerships – Outlook are the chosen Creative agency for CarGiant’s new Tv ad.

Posted on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 by

CarGiant TV Ad from Outlook Video on Vimeo.

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Based in London, CarGiant are the world’s largest used car dealership and claim that with up to 5000 cars all in one place, they can offer their customers much larger choice and savings than the competition.

CarGiant have a full marketing mix approach to their advertising and as such use TV, radio, web, billboards and even buses to deliver their ‘Giant Choice, Giant Savings’ proposition.

Outlook was approached from a new lead developed from our own marketing channels, to manage the creative for the new TV campaign for the London region. It was quite clear very quickly that CarGiant were looking for a new direction and tone of voice from their previous campaigns and existing brand identity.

“We have always taken a more ‘hard-line’ tone in our previous marketing and black and white with what we were selling”, said Darren Miller, Marketing Manager at CarGiant, “It was a question of ‘here’s a car, this is how much it is, here’s where to buy it’. We want to change the way we are seen by our customers, and to make them feel we are friendly, helpful and trustworthy, rather than a bunch of ‘used car salesmen’!

Head of Video, Gary Rogers, managed the creative and production, “Since the banking crisis, ‘trust’ is one thing that advertisers have to work hard to reinstate in the consumer. Once, ‘trust’ was always handled on screen by representing real life – the happy contented couple, close-up shots of smiling faces people who’s lives had been touched by the business’s offering. Now? Gone are the real people and in come the comedy scenerios or animated characters. Almost every Bank, Utility company or Insurance company uses a much brighter, altogether positive tone of voice, and steering well away from actually showing people using their product!

With this insight, Outlook very quickly decided that the ad needed to be as ‘friendly’ as possible! So we developed a fully animated treatment that shows the cars themselves to be fun, colourful, likeable and full of character. We followed this through with a quirky soundtrack and a conversational script and voiceover, whilst staying close to the brief to promote CarGiant’s size, choice and price.

Ever the perfectionist, rather than purchase any pre-fabricated designs, Lead Animator James Leaman created all the car models from scratch. “We needed to feature 4x4s, family cars, cabriolets and plenty more, but our vision was so clear, that I really wanted to design a completely original range of cars to give bags of personality to the CarGiant brand”.

As the script mentions ‘thousands of cars’ we also had the challenge of physically representing the scale of the site and location, which meant needing plenty of processor muscle when it was time to render out the final full HD animation master. “As ever, the deadline for this project was a tight one, so we had to set up a small ‘render farm’, daisy-chaining over 12 machines to be able to hit the air date”.

Outlook managed all scripting, animation and post production and audio dubbing in house, plus handled all the clearance and final delivery to broadcasters for our client.

Watch this space for the radio ad to follow!