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Tales from the Boardroom

brieA funny thing happens as you prepare to become a Managing Director – you think about the past, you think about the future; you consider the professional successes and challenges that you’ve faced and where outcomes could have been different.

I’m glad to say that, after much soul- searching I’ve mostly come out smelling pretty sweetly, or at least, like a mature Brie!  There’s not too much that has left me blushing or yearning back to revisit lost opportunities. In fact, it’s made me reflect on what I’ve been unwittingly practising over all these years from the nursery to the boardroom.

Seven Habits for a Husband, a Dad, and now, an MD

Past experiences of being ‘me’, have led to forming a set of principles. Ever since picking up my wife’s copy of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, I never appreciated how well my views translate across to both home and work. In short, it turns out I’ve been basing my decision-making process on a set of ‘natural laws’. Ok, don’t light the joss sticks and put on Kamal’s Whale Song quite yet – I’m not talking about making sure that my chakra’s are aligned or that all the labels in my kitchen cupboards are facing South-west…! No, I mean the simple realisation that there are key ‘standards’ by which, if regarded, allow me to work incredibly pro-actively with others, and by doing so, form an inspirational and aspirational ethos! It’s a great starting point for Outlook Video Ltd!

So, what actually IS the starting point?

One key process in Stephen Covey’s book from the 90’s, is the writing, rewriting and re-rewriting of your own personal ‘mission statement’ – a statement of what you want to achieve, what you deem to be of ‘value’ in your little universe and the legacy that you want to leave… Coincidentally, the first thing you do when planning the future direction of a company is to write your Business Plan, which, other than the financial implications of over-promising or under-performing, is also making a statement of your corporate brand values, your belief system, how your organisation will be perceived by its peers and how those that work and partner with you will also benefit from your vision.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, first things first,, we need to make the new company official….!

A toast to the future!……and some sticky buns too!


So, the launch of Outlook Video Ltd was a proud, but intimate gathering of some of The Group in our little Video office, but we took the opportunity to scoff some pastries, enjoy a glass or two of bubbles, as Herb Alpert played in the background, and we tittered about the good ole days of tape and analogue video!

The video department has come along way from its original set-up as a support system to the Events team. We’ve also enjoyed an incredible period of change over the last 5 years for the technical developments that video has seen as format. Not just the hardware and how it is created but also how it can be distributed and consumed.

With HD now common place, and the ability to deliver the kind of high quality productions that were once only possible for commercial brands with big budgets, the whole team has enjoyed the creative and professional opportunities that the changing face of video has given us. So, as Captain of this particular ship in the Outlook fleet… “may she bring fair winds and good fortune to all who sail on her”

 So…..what is the ethos?

Ok, we we’ve popped a cork and raised our glasses, time to bring it back what do I want to achieve?  To quote Habit 2 – “Begin with the end in mind”.  Or put  simply, what ‘principles’ will be driving our voyage? Maybe these words from a recent Group RFI response covers it pretty well!

We earn client trust quickly by playing our role with consistency, delivering their projects with pro-activity and intelligence; however small or large the end goal, we will always add value where appropriate through our skills and our insights. Our aim is to make the tasks of everyone involved in any project easier to achieve, not harder, whilst ensuring we meet our client’s objectives first, not ours; At Outlook, our promise is to make you a hero, not us.”