Getting through tough days with a smile

Posted on Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 by

Music has been on my mind a lot lately. There are a few edits I’m trying to pick library tracks for and a couple I’m having scored. It’s clear to any professional Director (or member of a film’s crew) just how important the right music is to a piece of work.

Handle your day with a smile

With these musical considerations in mind, on top of a number of proposals in development, projects to manage and info from BVE churning away, I wandered through Euston. Headphones on, iPhone selecting tracks from my personal music collection at random.

It suddenly dawned on me – I was in a great mood! This revelation came with the realisation I probably shouldn’t be. I’d already spent 2 hours on trains and crowded undergrounds with another hour about to get underway… but I was smiling.

That morning I had set the phone to shuffle through my music. Four tracks in, as Paul Simon was singing about Cecilia, I thought ‘well… that’s four great tunes so far!’

After a day of wandering for nearly 7 hours, I had yet to hear a song I didn’t love. It was like Apple were scoring my day for me!

Obviously music is subjective – one person’s Simon and Garfunkel is another’s Venga Boys – but the principal is sound. I think the key to being that person who walks around with a smile on their face (even if it’s not your nature or you’re having a tough one) is a carefully managed music library!

There’s definitely clarification needed on this point. This doesn’t mean having a collection of 35 songs you know you love. Make sure you have full albums by artists you love, from the eras you loved them. The great thing about this is the occasional album track popping up, like a diamond in the rough.

So tonight when TV is the background noise to your daily de-stress, why not take a moment to do some spring cleaning with iTunes. 

Get rid of the awful stuff you liked for a week in the mid-nineties and make your phone/MP3 player your own personal sanctuary for those tough days that need a smile on your face, rather than a grimace!