Squeaky brakes and flat tyres? Never!

Some of the Outlook team met up for our annual Outlook bike ride around Pitsford Water. Nestled in the rolling Northamptonshire countryside, we enjoyed a leisurely pedal around the seven-mile track, stopping only for a couple of team pics and an impromptu drag race!

After we’d completed a full circuit back to the car park, it was off to the local tavern for some fine grub, pleasant ale, sweet desserts and a joke about two nuns on a tandem… to which I never heard the punchline! I can only guess.

Travelling together in the same direction toward a shared goal – it’s not just during our work hours where we work up a sweat to create great results! 

Creativity. Commitment. Collaboration. Motivation.

Two nuns on a tandem…

And they’re off

Lukas and Andy heading up the field

Heather shows Gemma her skills of riding one-handed

Drag race riders under starters orders

Outlook 2016 Peloton. Now is EVERYBODY looking at the camera?