Taking charge of client services

Posted on Wednesday, February 19th, 2014 by

Having run thousands of events in locations all around the planet, we’ve found that clients and delegates expect our technical crew to be able to help with tech issues of all types.

One old chestnut is: ‘Do you guys have a charger for my phone?’

Being the helpful folk that we are, we decided to put together a phone charging point. OK, it’s really just a toolbox with a huge range of chargers and international adaptors, but we keep it by us and clients really appreciate being able to get a boost with no hassle.

Naturally, we provide a charge at no charge, it’s just another indication that we’ll go to almost any lengths to ensure that conference organisers and delegates have a fantastic event. All while we look after the technology, as well as content, videos, filming, speaker coaching, printing, badging, signage, stage management, and did we mention communication consultancy?

Phone Kit