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Who’s afraid of the big bad….video?

One of the key things we’ve found that stops businesses taking their first steps (or making further steps!) into harnessing the benefits of video is fear! Fear of no experience, fear of not being able to commit enough time to doing a good job, and fear of the costs!

So now we generally regard video content to be the most engaging and prolific medium to talk to your customers, here’s how you can take steps towards utilising the power of video with confidence.

Start with the end in mind

Well firstly, there’s nothing to be scared of. Keep it simple and forget about the specific need to get a ‘video’ made, as such, and focus on what it REALLY is that you want to achieve as a business outcome. Now unless your business is breeding poisonous snakes or testing parachutes, there’s nothing scary about that is there?

Next, take this requirement for an outcome to experts. Be confident that, by understanding what you want to achieve, a video agency will be able to give you want you need to achieve it! Relax, your role isn’t to make a video, it’s to give experts the ability to do it for you.

So surround yourself with people that know video inside out – how to create it, the best practises, what success can look like and how you can measure it so that you can tell your boss – I did a great job! The fear of the potential time needed to manage a video project is only justified when a client tries to spread themselves too thin across all their responsibilities.

Use your agency or resource wisely – delegate, communicate and set clear expectations – but also, understand your part in the overall project and what time you can and want to invest yourself, and get your agency to do the rest.

Make the best with what you can afford

A huge block to getting decent and effective video content created for your brand is the perception of cost – plus an unawareness of what you’re actually paying for in the first place. You can get whatever you want made for whatever money you have. But the more time and thought that goes into it, the better the results and the closer they’ll align to your desired outcome or measure of success. Whether it’s using staff to self-shoot, investing in an agency to manage this for you, or commissioning your very own Ben Hur, the output will match the investment.

But before you get carried away with visions of creating the next big blockbuster to get you on the front pages of Campaign, just remember that the investment or rather, the time and money, needs to match the value that the right video and accompanying strategy will bring you in return. For example, a video that might seem quick, simple and cheap to create by self shooting but needs to make sure that audiences share it, will return more value if thought goes into why audiences would want to share it.

So in this instance, the physical time shooting the video is actually only a small part of the investment you’re making – it’s more about the pre-production and creative. 

In short, buy what you can afford, but make sure that it’s the best version of that!

Why are timelines to create video different from other advertising formats?

Some of our clients work across each of our services and a mindset when spending a budget within events, graphic design, digital development and video are very different. Most agencies work on a time-based structure and generally, the value you can get from a designer in an hour is perceived as being much greater than when working within video. For example, a designer can create something from scratch and after those 60 minutes have something to show.

 Planning, research, development and execution go into both design and video projects. However, the time and cost to create a video programme is dictated by more aspects than print or design. Multiple people involved, onsite travel and location work, and the physical time that needs to be spent capturing and editing are all ingredients that need to come together.

Design, as beautiful and engaging as it can be, is generally a single individual working in real time to create something that can then be amended quickly and delivered almost immediately. It just doesn’t work that way in video. Any timeline based content, be it live action or animation takes time! It’s quite simply a different tool.

Just look at what you get!

So if the cost, or potential time are still a fear factors, try look at it in a different way. Don’t try to compare it to something you already buy that feels safe. Think of it as an unmissable opportunity to engage with your audience using the most personal, entertaining, trusted, controllable and accessible medium to both internal and external audiences.

Try to stop feeling as though you are paying for unnecessary skills or processes or technologies, but take on the mindset that by choosing to invest in a format that will offer you an incredible dynamic range of output and access to thousands, even millions, of individuals, you’ll be spending wisely!

So let us help you to overcome any fears you have and take you by the hand to take that first step into joining the 79% of other SME’s and large organisations looking to invest in video content in 2017*.

Come on board the video-wagon, it’s a great place to be – and you know what? Maybe you’ll even enjoy it!

Outlook research, design and deliver the very best video content for measured social campaigns and internal comms. Get in touch to see how you can get started. 

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*Business Use Of video in the UK, Dan Healy, FTI Strategy Consulting & Research