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For many of us, a team building activity is rarely remembered with fondness, but rather annoyance at being away from the office when you could be working, frustration that you’re being made to take part in uncomfortable activities that by-and-large will not impact your relationship with your team and colleagues, and disbelief that your peers, managers and powers that be actually believe that blindly falling backwards into the arms of a co-worker is going to increase efficiency and output.

In many circumstances, these feelings are understandable but it’s through no fault of your event management department or bosses, it’s often primarily because the team building co-ordinators, or instructors, don’t really understand the psychology of what they’re trying to achieve and as a result incorporate off-the-shelf, outdated, inapt activities that aren’t suitable for modern workplaces, or indeed relationships.

Consequently, team building activities are often met with scepticism by teams and now have an almost unfair ‘David Brent’ stereotype as being corny, cringe-worthy and utterly futile.

The truth is this stigma has been bought about through a ‘one-size fits all’ approach that too many team building companies have deployed throughout the years. They don’t take into consideration how different organisations work, how different teams combine, and often fail to look at the end goal.

However, when done correctly with clearly defined goals, a team building activity or even a weekend away can in fact have a huge and detrimental impact on team relationships, working efficiency, company commitment and as a result increase happiness, employment longevity and the desire to cooperate and help each other out.

This is what we believe a team building event should be aiming to achieve each and every time. Our event management team will always ask the question ‘what do you actually want to accomplish through this exercise?’ Once this has been clearly defined we will start to develop a bespoke solution that will benefit your company and team as well as the individual.

In the past we’ve designed digital and physical games, we’ve held video workshops, scripted participative theatre, designed art installations, filled crates with medical supplies and even arranged a recording session at Abbey Road Studios; because going ‘off-grid’ and doing something unique is often the only way to achieve the desired results.

If you want to create a happy working environment, inject energy and life back into your office and promote teamwork and unity, get in touch; we’ll be able to design and build you a truly beneficial and worthwhile solution that will not only meet, but exceed your every expectation and objective.

Remember, ‘a happy workplace is a productive workplace’.

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