The feel good factor….

Posted on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 by

There is a great buzz in the Outlook office today, the feel good factor is in full force on the back of four consecutive days where we have delivered projects that have received very complimentary comments from our clients….

The feel good factor is so strong that I think I even spotted Iain, our Head of Events, skipping through the courtyard – I kid you not.

With comments like the below coming through in the post and straight from the mouths and fingers (emails) of our clients I am surprised we are not all skipping around:

  • Received in the post last week was a personalised card that reads on the front “An enormous THANK YOU” and inside “… for ALL if your support this year
  • “if you want something doing right, get Outlook in” – in response to event at 4pm on Monday that was briefed at 5pm on Friday
  • “Thank you again for a seamless, super-efficient event.” – the same short notice event
  • “I want to say a MASSIVE thank you” – for working on a Sunday evening
  • “Thank you SO much, we all thought that it was AMAZING!” – for producing a video across 3 locations within 24hours

And for something a little more playful, one colleague seeking feedback from the client, told me “They seemed so appreciative I thought they were trying to come on to me!” – now ladies and gents…. I can assure you, they weren’t, it’s just the great effect of a well executed project 😉

It seems that the Outlook team, across all its disciplines continues to produce results that keep clients happy – which is what we are all about.