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Outlook Video Producer, Holly discusses the impact of social media’s stamp on our lives……..

After a Google search of the word ‘social’ one description in particular struck a chord with the way in which the word ‘social’ connects with me.


Living or disposed to live in companionship with others or in a community, rather than in isolation: People are social beings

The key words from the above definition are, ‘live in companionship with others in a community, rather than in isolation. Then add the word media after the word social and the term ‘social media’ makes for an interesting discussion.


Yes we can vouch for the fact there is a huge and ever expanding online community which is more prevalent than ever after the creation of the trademark social platforms, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter – the list goes on. We can now have an hour long conversation about our career choices with a friend from school who lives in Dubai via Facebook chat.  We could also argue the point that whilst the growth of social media provides a plethora of education at our finger tips, it also leads us to the isolation of our lounge with a glass of red wine and a laptop for the evening. Thus metaphorically completing a Bridget Jones trilogy, entitled ‘Bridget Jones: The Blog of Blokes’.

People also connect with celebrity via twitter in a way which I find strangely fascinating. Through the click of the tweet send button you can express your opinion in response to a typical tweet, ‘does anybody like anchovies?’

Would it be better for our emotional self if the clock re-wound back to the 1950s when we merely mused over a poster of Marilyn Monroe on the wall? Or is the ability to closely communicate with celebrity helping us achieve a greater sense of self through the online world, and in a small way helping us feel less like your average Joe in rough economic times and more like a glamorous celebrity if we can discuss with our idols and peers whether anchovies on pizza are the (hashtag) future?

Social media is a pertinent communication tool and its omnipresence continues to develop our sense of self more than we might realise. Here is a really simple example of social media’s stamp on our lives.

So, when you’ve posted a picture of your dinner, and uploaded your latest travel video on You Tube, there’s still one more thing at your finger tips – the battery off switch.


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