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What is Copywriting: The Importance of the Story

Many may not know this, but storytelling is present almost everywhere we look today. Whether that’s in the least obvious places like billboards or print ads, to the traditional storytelling platforms such as video and animation, for example. The Outlook Creative group discuss why storytelling is important in copywriting.

What is Copywriting?

So what is copywriting? There are several ways to describe it, but the easiest is to call it storytelling for marketing. It’s almost an art. It’s about writing a piece of copy for the purpose of selling. At least, these are the origins of copywriting. This is what we’ll be focusing on in this post.

Storytelling in Copywriting

Storytelling is an important factor when it comes to copywriting. Let’s look at this for moment. Copywriting is essentially about crafting the perfect story to captivate your readers. Let’s take a look at an example of a good piece of copywriting.


This Fuller’s campaign is actually from a billboard. At first thought it seems odd that a billboard would contain so much copy, but eventually you begin to realise that this is actually an effective way of advertising. Not only is this an effective piece of copy, it also tells a story.

When you write a piece of copy, ask yourself the question, “is there a beginning, middle and end?” If the answer is no, then you’re not telling a story. It sounds obvious, but so many people will write copy and not structure it. There’s nothing wrong with writing a thousand words, but if the thousand words has no structure, then what’s the point? It needs to take the reader through a journey that ultimately leads to some kind of call to action.

Using the example above, it’s structured like a short story. This one even goes so far as to include characters. It’s telling a story about the company, about its history and where they are now. It doesn’t explicitly say what the product is either, but by the end of the copy, it’s evident.

Bestseller 2
What Fuller’s did is not only remarkably clever, but running a campaign throughout London using the slogan ‘Made in London’ makes this ad more recognisable.

Asking the question, ‘what is copywriting?’ may even be the difference between writing compelling piece of copy or it falling flat on its face.

Storytelling through Moving Image

It’s worth briefly mentioning storytelling in moving image. Whether it’s video or animation, moving image is fast becoming some of the most important mediums in the world today (for more on video and it’s growing importance, check out this post we recently wrote). Of course, the only difference between moving image and copywriting is the visual element. To be able to write a story and create imagery using words is no easy feat.

It’s why Outlook Creative have a multi-discipline team ready to offer the latest in digital design, and that includes creating compelling copy. 

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