The rise and future of app development

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Apps are a self-contained program or piece of software designed to fulfil a particular purpose.

They have been in existence for a long time, way before the invention of the modern mobile phone – the very first portable computers contained apps such as a calculator or calendar.

We look at the rise and future of the app and its development across the UK and worldwide market.


App blog

Today, the mobile app is the platform for businesses to display tons of content on a small scale.

The opportunity to reach different types of audiences through a mobile device is a concept that is still difficult to some to grasp. So many organisations don’t have apps because they either see it as unnecessary or too difficult to initiate.

Apps can deliver vast amounts of information in a small package to audiences of millions.

According to a report by comScore, the average smartphone user in the US downloads 3.5 apps per month. The report also states that mobile devices are being used more than any other media, including desktop devices.

App development is worth considering if your organisation doesn’t currently offer anything to the mobile platform. Now is the best time to start.


Web app blog

The web app has been around since the beginning of (internet) time. Web applications allow the user to perform actions, whereas a website is an informational platform.

Email is an example of a very early web app, and has been developing since its introduction.

Web apps are beginning to evolve. The browser Google Chrome utilises web apps heavily and offers an app store for a wide variety of applications. 

The future of apps

Apps are continually growing, with apps like SnapChat valued at around $10 billion. The primary purpose of apps is now evolving from simply offering information to earning a form of income. In-app purchases (the ‘freemium’ model) are fast becoming a popular option for many developers who are looking to create a credible stream of revenue.

How Outlook can help

If you are looking to develop your own app, The Outlook Creative Group can help.

Read about our app development services, and get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.


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