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Unanimously the team at Outlook are all very impressed with Talk Talk and their new “Date Night” animated TV ad this weekend; did you see it?

Not to mention the love of the sound track and shout out’s to the film Mannequin which shares the same “masterpiece” of a song, “Nothing is going to stop us now” by Starship. Even resulting in “******* brilliant film” being cried from one corner of the digital studio.

Talk Talk achieve the goal of making people take notice and talk about it post the event (5000+ You Tube views as I write this) and Gary Barlow even tweeting about it. TV advertising at its best some would say.

I must say that little space dude has done well for himself with that ballerina and to not mention surviving the big nasty Octopus….. if only all courtship was so straightforward!!

All in all we love the ad here at Outlook, we love the story, the creativity and to not mention the fantastic use of animation.

James Leaman, Lead Creative for the Digital Team comments:

“Love the new Talk Talk advert, has a lovely, magical feel and quite unexpected for a telecommunications company.

This stop frame style is becoming very popular and the interaction of the characters within a real environment gives the wow factor and brings it to life. My favourite bit is where the little space man interacts with the wallpaper and jumps over the branch, you get a real sense of integration within his environment.

Although the advert has a very stop frame old school feel I actually think all the characters are digitally created, then mapped onto shots of the room. Then by using blending modes to get the textures of the environment to pass through into the characters, for example the close up of the lampshade you can see the weave showing through into the character. The room could be completely CGI instead of filmed/stills, which would make the mapping onto the environment much easier.

Alternatively this could be what happens when we fall asleep 😉 I am sure I found a few dead petals in the corner of my room the other day.

Note to self : I must remember to watch out for an Octopus next time I buy my girlfriend flowers.”

When James’ girlfriend was asked about his frequency of flower purchasing….. she laughed and walked off… work to be done there Mr Leaman or the little space dude might be raining on your parade.

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