‘Top Ten Tips for Conference Venues’ – The countdown begins….

Posted on Friday, May 16th, 2014 by

In two installments Outlook’s Head of Events, Iain Liddiard outlines the: ‘Top Ten Tips for Conference Venues.’ Check out the first part of the countdown today. 10) Nobody in the world uses an OHP! 9) Crew catering – lasagna is not the only dish! You would be lynched if you tried to charge £9 for a pot of lukewarm coffee (or is it tea) in your hotel restaurant, so why do you think you can charge it during set up? 8) If you don’t have a functional goods lift and practical access to the room from a grown-up loading bay, somewhere in the same county, you’re not trying hard enough. Flight cases don’t like steps. 7) Don’t put out all the tables before we arrive, you’ll only have to re do them cos the first thing we’ll do is kick them out of the way. An empty room is a happy room. 6) If one show is scheduled to end at 5 o’clock, don’t take another booking for 6 o’clock the same day, you greedy buggers! All you’ll get are two agencies who want to kill you. Inflatable sets and feather lite flight cases are still a way off.

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