Transform delegate communication and improve ROI with Outlook’s new app

Posted on Friday, December 6th, 2013 by

Ignite Response is an iPad/smartphone app created by Outlook to maximise delegate engagement and to stimulate greater interaction at events of all sizes, and it’s proving to be highly effective.

Ignite Response

Functionality includes:

  • Delegate voting and sending questions to facilitators
  • Dending messages to delegates and individuals
  • Showing PowerPoint presentations
  • Delegates can write notes on it
  • All the event literature can be added – welcome introductions, schedules, biographies, sponsor pages etc – meaning that you can run a truly paperless event.

Ignite Response has been designed to make audience participation easy and enjoyable no matter how tech savvy they are. You can have as much functionality as you want with all of the data gathered on spreadsheets for your use after the event.

It’s uniquely adaptable, as we can customise functionality to ensure that it perfectly matches your requirements. We can populate it and operate on-site or show you how to manage it yourself.

Delegates can have a device each so that you can gather information from each individual, or use an iPad for each team table (which really encourages the group to work together). We can provide fully connected iPads or the audience can bring and log on their own devices. 

It works equally well in an experiential environment such as a visitor centre or exhibition as a conference or meeting.

Wi-Fi can be provided if required – fully secure SSL certificated, 256 byte encrypted data and on-site servers.

Return on investment

We realise that return on investment is increasingly important for event stakeholders. The opportunities to track or benchmark attitudes and knowledge from pre- to post-event are limited. Ignite Response can be made available to delegates for capturing information before the event – not just to create that early benchmark, but to give them the opportunity to shape the event as well as register for breakouts, etc.  It can then be used to measure post-event feedback and cascade activity to give meaningful ROI measures.

You may like to consider adding links to sponsors, giving you chance to cover the cost of Ignite Response.

Use it for a single event or licence it for ongoing use.

Get in touch

Understanding your goals and your audience is where we start. We will work with you to identify how Ignite Response can be maximised throughout your programme to help business and event stakeholders achieve your ideal outcomes.

Zurich have done just that! Following an event for their senior management in Dubai where they populated and operated it themselves, we are now discussing long-term access.

For further info, go to or contact John Lloyd on 0845 838 3333.